Predictive Analytics

SOTAOG’s predictive analytics solutions are designed to allow you to make informed decisions utilizing all of your data. Historical data provides a baseline and allows in depth training and testing of our models. Real-time data is the key link into our predictive analytics solutions thus allowing real-time adjustments to your operating parameters. These real-time adjustments result in reduced operating costs, lower failure rates, improved maintenance and improvements in HSE performance. Information that can be immediately shared with our customers.

Our algorithms are constantly learning from new information provided by the real-time data. This constant learning process pushes our algorithms to gain more intelligence. The algorithms don’t just rely on a single model. SOTAOG simultaneously processes real-time data through Decision Tree, Regression, Multi-Classification and Neural Network models. This rigorous process helps deliver constantly improving accuracy with our predictive analytics.

SOTAOG currently deploys predictive analytics solutions designed for production optimization, including rod pump failure reduction and gas lift operations. Additional solutions are designed around the ever-important area of water management. With the increase in unconventional well designs water management becomes paramount from the drilling to the production phase and on through the facility capture and water disposal phases. An example of the size of the issue is the Permian Basin where estimates have it producing over one billion barrels of water per day in the coming years.

SOTAOG’s predictive analytic solutions are designed in the areas that will “move the needle” towards significant reductions in lease operating costs!