Your operations are not singularly about the well. The finding of the reservoir, leasing the acreage, determining the well location, the quality of the drilling, the completion process, bringing the well on and it’s connectivity to all of the facilities are all parts of the total system. SOTAOG understands that unlocking the value of real time data means a focus on the total system. Each of the parts of the system also provide numerous opportunities for lowering your operations cost via leveraging the power of technology, the power of real time data and the power of analytics. We may start with monitoring various parts of your operation, providing visualization and ultimately incorporating predictive analytics into your operations. We work with you on each step of our process focusing on lowering your operations cost.


Let’s change the negative connotation of “Lower Longer”.

SOTAOG wants you to think “ Lower - Longer – Larger”

Lower operating cost

Longer well life

Larger reserve recovery

Call us and let our technology help your company capture additional value!