About Us

About Sotaog

SOTAOG’s platform is technology designed specifically for the Oil & Gas industry. It is a complete singular management solution designed to deliver a seamless work environment by integrating all your current business applications and departments. Imagine being able to get real time operations information from your wells, your facilities or your projects and tying that info to your financials.. Imagine utilizing predictive analytics to increase uptime, improve your gas lift operations or reduce rod / ESP failures. SOTAOG's platform allows companies to capture this value, while also providing informative dashboards and visualization.
Globalization, technology, and access have opened the gates to 'anything is possible' and opportunities are bountiful and endless around the world. The US shale business continues to grow and it incorporates small independents to large E&P companies. It also brings along with it a vast amount of data, complexities and associated projects like facilities and fabrication opportunities. Sometimes this means companies are operating with different legacy systems or trying to do business with "spreadsheets". If your company seeking to lower operating cost, seeking business process improvements and continuing to seek means to improve returns in this current low price environment, SOTAOG is the answer. SOTAOG's aim is to bring “smart” technology to all companies small or large.

Meet Our Advisory Board

  • Hudson Calvin
    Calvin Hudson
    Global Technology
    Sales Executive (Veritas tec.)
    Meet Calvin

    Calvin Hudson is a Global Sales Executive specializing in strategic alignment and business value added approach to selling within the Information Technology sector. Hudson is a graduate of the University of New Orleans, where he received a BS in Business Management.Mr. Hudson has over twenty years of highly successful global and major account sales experience.

  • Jan Kulmann
    Jan Kulmann
    Engineering Manager(Noble energy)

    Meet Jan

    With more than 18 years of energy experience, Jan Kulmann has managed and executed projects and programs across multiple areas. She has been with Noble Energy since 2014 where she develops strategic initiatives across the company related to electrical power, automation, process safety and mechanical integrity.

  • Lee Hall
    Lee Hall
    Global Account
    Director (Oracle)
    Meet Lee

    Lead and operationalize talented team of business and technology specialists to simplify, automate and exploit value across entire value chain of one of the largest companies in the world. Key success metrics are to increase margins, remove costs, optimize complex business processes, while ensuring strong risk and compliance strategy.

  • Randy Nickerson
    Randy Nickerson
    COO of
    Caza Petroleum
    Meet Randy

    Randy Nickerson is COO of Caza Petroleum From November 2004 to October 2011, Mr. Nickerson served as Vice President of Exploration, and Chief Geophysicist for Sanchez Oil & Gas Corporation. Prior, Mr. Nickerson was Chief Geophysicist for Dominion Exploration & Production Corporation

Meet Our Management Team

  • Robert Estill
    Robert Estill
    Chairman and President
    Meet Robert

    Global Energy Executive with 30 years of leadership experience including full P&L operations, corporate strategy, business development, corporate support, project management and corporate social responsibility. Robert has led numerous business units encompassing operations in most of the major basins across the US. He provides keen insights on the drivers necessary to improve shareholder returns & deliver impactful business results for companies of all sizes.

  • Sarah Tamilarasan
    Sarah Tamilarasan
    Meet Sarah

    She brings with her over a decade of experience working in the Energy industry, where she is a noted expert in facilities engineering, sensor technology and field operations. Sarah brings unique blend of experience having worked each in a large Fortune 500 company, a small energy independent and a long established IOT company during her career. She is passionate about leveraging technology to improve corporate ROI by integrating real time field operations with the enterprise system. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering.